Week 5, Probation Documents

This shows completed probation documents ready for submission, Week ending 24 April, 2020

Posted by Torera Williams on April 25, 2020

The summarised activity carried out this week includes weekly meeting with supervisor, web-design documentation, completion of system dynamics document and website update.

Documents for submission

The Probation documents ready for submission include the following:

Probation 1, download ethical approval feedback
Probation 2, download survey questionnaire
Probation 3, download project approval PPT
Probation 4, download web-design document
Probation 5B, download case study letter 5B
Probation 5A, download case study letter 5A
Probation 6, download database research for survey response
Probation 7, download literature review
Probation 8a, download research poster
Probation 8b, download evidence of poster submission and postponement
Probation 9a, download system modelling on specialsed tool
Probation 9b, download SPSS with python knowledge on specialsed tool

Probation 4 is the link to the website and probabtion number 6 is currently ongoing due to late response from the ethical approval team